Saturday, 14 May 2016

5 Tips to Make the Most Out Of Your New Facebook Timeline

The folks at Wildfire released a report recently detailing the results of some brands that had launched their timeline in advance of the March 31 deadline date.
Some takeaways of the report:

For brand pages with under 1 million fans (A cross-section of samples representing the fan page sizes of over 95% of Facebook), all changes in engagement statistics were markedly positive. This includes increase in:
  • People Talking About This
  • Comments per post
  • Post likes
Photos and videos are now generating more engagement. Photos are now tops when it comes to generating comments, and videos are best at generating shares, outperforming photos or ‘status updates’ by over 90%. Status updates are still the most likely way to generate ‘likes’.

Regular pinned posts perform the same or better as other posts, but pinned photo posts are outperforming all other content types in terms of likes, comments, and shares.

All in all, the report certainly conveys that the timelines are working for brand pages, especially for small business ones. This is especially true with photo/video posts, which is probably attributed to the new timelines featuring more engaging ways to host different types of media.

Having had a week to spend on our own timeline and view some others, I’ve come up with some tips on how to get the most out of your brand new page.
Use our Facebook Timeline Guide as a resource if you still haven’t set up yours.

1. Make Use of Pinned Photo Posts

This is the obvious #1 if you read the Wildfire report above. Pinned photo posts are outperforming all other types of content. A pinned photo post gives you an opportunity to provide eye-catching content and have it live prominently on your page for an extended period of time.

2. Post a Video

There might be nothing more valuable to a small business Facebook brand page than generating shares. A ‘share’ is essentially free advertising for your business. Videos have the best chance of going viral, and early reporting is showing us that fans are way more likely to share a video than other types of content.

3. Customize Your Tabs

The ‘default’ graphics for your apps might not be as engaging or fitting with your brand as you’d like them to be. With most apps, you can customize this button to your liking. Here’s how:
  1. Click on the arrow next to your tabs that features the # of apps displayed
  2. Click on the ‘pencil’ of the app thumbnail you’d like to change
  3. Choose ‘Edit Settings’
  4. Click change and upload your new image (The size for this thumbnail is 111×74 pixels)

4. Tell Your Story

If you haven’t yet, think of at least five milestones for your business and use the ‘Milestone’ option to tell your story. Let your fans know that your milestones have been created and you can even post a milestone when you’re done, postmarking it with “Told My Story to Facebook”.

5. Update Your ‘About’ Page

One of the first things a fan will do on your page is check out your company profile. It’s often difficult to find this information on websites as it takes some site navigation, but it’s always in the same place for every business on Facebook

Use the ‘About’ section to:
  • Tell your story (Don’t be too wordy, but get enough of the point across so new visitors certainly understand what you do)
  • Tell your mission statement
  • Include a link to your website or other social networks
  • Include calls-to-action just like you might on your website
Have fun with your new brand page. Test different types of content and media to see if you might get more engagement now than you had with the older brand page layout.

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